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Change management coach Dr. Kerin Groves Fort Worth Texas


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  • Ph.D. from Texas A&M University-Commerce and M.S. from University of North Texas
  • Certified as a Chaplain by the International Fellowship of Chaplains
  • ‚ÄčOver 25 years working with nonprofits, small businesses, corporations, governments, entrepreneurs, civil and criminal courts, health systems, and higher education


Dr. Kerin Groves is an expert in human behavior and communication, specializing in career development and workplace change management. She provides coaching and consulting services to individuals, work teams, and organizations.

Her approach is positive, realistic, practical, and strengths-based. As a change management consultant who focuses on the human side of workplace crises, she facilitates positive transitions and advises struggling work teams on how to survive and thrive during seasons of change.

Experience counts when selecting a consultant. Dr. Groves is an award-winning, human development professional with a scholarly and clinical background in psychology, spirituality, gerontology, criminology, higher education, and health care. She deploys her expertise in crisis intervention, conflict resolution, communication, business management, and strategic thinking as she consults with individuals and groups on workplace challenges, including individual career coaching and chaplain services.